Daily Specials


Daily Pizza, Chicken Wings/Fingers, Subs, & Fish Fry Specials

Current Specials:

  • Monday: Chicken Finger Snack (2 fingers+5 logs) for $2.99; or 1 Large Cheese Pizza with 1 topping for $10.99.; or 10 wings for $6.99
  • Tuesday: 6 Pizza Fingers for $5.99.
  • Wednesday: 5 Chicken Fingers for $5.99; or 1 Small Potato Log Supreme for $2.99.
  • Thursday: 1 Large Cheese Pizza for $10.99; or Chicken Finger Dinners for $7.99 apiece.
  • Friday: 1 Sheet Pizza + 1 topping + 20 Boneless Wings for $33.00.
  • Saturday: 1 Sheet Pizza + 1 topping for $18.99

To learn more about our specials or our other offerings, stop into one of our 5 locations - or check out our full menu here!

If you're looking for great food at a reasonable price, check out the weekly specials at Kenyon's! We offer breakfast sandwiches, pizza, chicken wings & fingers, subs, & beer specials every week at our Lockport, NY area variety stores, gas stations, & pizza shops. Our offerings are so much more than convenience food. We offer a variety of hot, fresh dishes to satisfy any taste.